More problems, more reasons to laugh

More problems, more reasons to laugh. Nothing is so serious. First problem is because our approach to life is serious. We must do big things, we must have things in control, we must become perfect, we need to control everything.

Man must be able to laugh at himself and his destiny. Nothing is so much important. Our destiny is death. Everything that we build will be destroyed. Everything that we try to save we will lose.

But that doesnt mean that we should not build anything, we should just know that everything we do is useless. This approach gives us a more detachment and then our actions brings us joy because we got nothing to lose.

Losing is in our nature. We are born to lose. We should not take it personally. We will lose everything. House, cars, family, health, money, wife, husband, and in the end, we will lose ourselves, we will lose our body, which is connection with this world. So, that means that we will also lose this world.

We should not take anything seriously, but we should enjoy each day that we got. Because we are mortal, we have a reason, a purpose to live every day full of passion, to love our wife or husband stronger, to be grateful for this day, to love our children stronger, to love our work, our job, to love this life, to forgive our loved ones, to make change in world, to leave legacy. And whenever we lose something, we should be grateful because we had it. We cant cling for anything forever. Everything comes and goes. We can only appreciate this good moments.

We need to develop ability to laugh at ourselves. To laugh at all this stupidity where we are trying to have control in this process which we cannot change.

Life is process which we cant change, we can only be part of it, contribute to it, or we can isolate ourselves from it and suffer.

It is so useless to be sad, to be miserable, to complain, to feel like victim. We are to serious for things we cannot change.

Relax. Dont try to change things which you cant change and change things that you can.

Dario Ples, 28.7.2017.



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