Scary thing in modern relationships

Let me share with you a real-life horror. I see this horror everywhere. I see it between people. This is present maybe like 90% between all people. There is no connections between people. People go together, they sit together, they talk but there is no connection.

Isnt that scary? People are everywhere together, in pairs, but they all seem to not be connected. They all seem distracted, trapped in their own world full of worries. No one seems present and in charge of their bodies and emotions. People are together and they wonder around, they look around, they think about different things. No one is present and there is no lively conversations which are followed by hand gestures. You can very easily see if people are connected. If they are, they become animated and it is almost like they are not seperated, it is almost like they are the same being, they become one. There is harmony between them, a rhythm that you can feel. And when people are not connected, they… Well, just look around. Just observe and you will see.

Dario Ples 25.7.2017.


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