Why use drugs when you can fast?

Why use drugs when you can fast?

Fasting is better than any mind alerting substance. It is free, it is harmless, it is more realistic, more healthy, it gives you more space to new things. If you fast constantly, you will be transformed little by little.

Fasting is always connected with religion. Try it and you will understand why. No better way to experience what God could be and what God isnt. Fasting gives you a feeling of eternity, it helps you to transcend yourself. It helps you to break and stop all the destructive patterns in yourself. It dissolves illusions. It makes you to be more real and authentic. It helps you to be more detached.

If someone has a problem and goes to me, first thing I would suggest to person is to start fasting. Fasting itself will help you to better understand reality and it will change you.

Dario Ples, 28.7.2017.


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