Can you train everyday?

Can you train everyday?

Yes if you combine strength and bodybuilding with cardio.

If you concentrate on only one thing, for example bodybuilding, then no.

Not only that you cant do that physically, but you will also grow dysfunctional.

If you do bodybuliding all the time, if you pump iron, you will not have as much freedom in your movement like someone who is doing cardio.

See, both types of training are equally important and both carry their own benefits.

A lot of people argue which one is better. Why argue when both are beneficial? It is stupid. Yes you can prefer one more, you can enjoy one more, but you know that another one is equally important.

Well, the title of this post is “can you train everyday”, so lets give an answer to that.

And answer is yes, but you have to spice things up, you have to bring freshness in your routine. You need to change routine all the time. As long as you are creative about training, you can train everyday. When your training become boring, you lose motivation.

Let me give you few examples of cardio and strength training:

cardio: classical cardio, walking, running, hiking, dancing, parkour, breakdance, sports (soccer, basketball, handball…)…

strength: bodybuilding, weightlifting, anything with iron, calisthenics, doing physical activities and work (fixing cars, working in garden, carrying heavy things…)…

And plus I would like to put here a third category which is for relaxation of body and muscles. And here goes: yoga, tai chi and anything similiar.

So, yes, you can train everyday. The point is that there are so many new and different ways to challenge your body on a day to day basis. Dont limit yourself.

Even in the worst days you can still walk, do yoga or clean a house, or do something little just to stimulate your body. But, it is important to keep inspiration. Without inspiration you dont have energy to train.

Dario Ples, 29.7.2017.


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