How to stop bad habits?

How to stop bad habits? Smoking, drinking, shopping, eating too much or anything that we do excessively.

Well, first you have to understand what is a habit and why they are powerful. It is hard to break away from them because they are built on a momentum of bad decisions. Drink 2 or 3 days in a row and you have bulit a momentum which is now very hard to stop.

What is momentum?

Momentum in nothing else but consistently doing the same thing over and over again.

So, how to stop this bad momentum?

You cant stop it, and if you try, you will be frustrated.

Only solution is to start making good decisions and after few good decisions you will start going in opposite side. You need to build momentum in another direction.

It is important to understand this. It is very frustrating but if you can understand it, then you can stick with it.

Positive momentum and good habits change who you are. If you start exercising little by little every day, if you start eating just a little bit more healthier, you will start building momentum. And one day this momentum will be so strong that it changes your self-image. You will start thinking, I am healthy person that exercises every day and eats healthy, why do I still smoke? And BAM, you will stop smoking.

It is important to always make good decisions to build momentum because then you are unstoppable.

When you lose your momentum and you become lazy, you will start going back in your old habits, in your old dysfunctional relationships and so on.

It is crucial to understand how this works.

Dario Ples, 29.7.2017.


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