Write with purpose

When you write, it is so important to know what exactly you want to write, what exactly you want to say, what is your message. I dont believe in some free creative writing where you sit and write. I have try many times and it feels frustrating. It is almost like you are forcing yourself to be creative and to be good.

I think we all have this picture that we have to be creative and we often connect creativity with spontaneity. We try to be spontaneous while we are writing. But it is good to have some limits. It is good to be a little inside the box, to have some footsteps which we are following.

We need to define what we want to write, and in this defintion, in this box, we can be creative.

If we try to write without the box, we will drown ourselves because the sea of freedom and possibilities is so big and options are so many that we get lost.

Have a purpose when you are writing. Have a box and be creative inside that box.

When you have a purpose, your writing becomes more creative, your words become more stronger in alignment of your message.

Define your way and your path otherwise you will get lost.

Dario Ples, 29.7.2017.



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