Is technology distracting us?

I am sitting and trying to figure out what to write about. I started losing hope because I was to distracted by my thoughts and emotions. And in that moment, I saw a young boy (maybe 15-16) walking and looking at his phone. He was so sucked in that he didnt notice the branch of tree and he hit with his head this branch.

He stopped and raised his head to see if someone saw him and just continue to walk still looking at his phone.

I mean, lets be realistic, we all would do the same. No judgment.

But is it normal that we are becoming so distracted by this devices that we dont see things around ourselves?

Why do we have to look at this devices when we are going somewhere? Cant we just leave them and not look at them all the time? Is it the addiction? Is it harmful? When we will realize that this technology is taking away from us. And no, I am not some anti-technology guy, because technology is for sure very beneficial. But did we lose our balance? Did we lose our moderation?

There is time for everything, thats all I can think of.

Dario Ples, 29.7.2017.


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