People that makes you feel bad about yourself

This morning while I was going for my morning run, older lady, actually, not older, the oldest that exists in my street (she is over 80), she saw me passing and she stopped me:

“Dario, Dario, is that you? I didnt recognize you.” – she said.

Of course she recognized me but I understand, that was her pick-up line.

I stopped and I started talking with her like a normal neighbour and normal human being.

And conversation almost immediately turn into her attempt to investigate my privacy, which I dont like because I know that whatever I say can be used against me and I can very easily become a target of gossiping in my lovely neighbourhood which is full of older gossiping ladies. The problem is because they almost add details to stories, they feel that they need to spice it. So that it becomes more attractive, they turn those stories, they lie and so on. Their imagination is strong.

I immediately stopped her attempt.

“Have a nice day” – I said.

And I already start walking and she calls me back: “Wait!”

I stopped and I looked at her and she said:

“You look very nice and handsome except that beard.”

I just wave with my hand and with smile and I said:


As I continue walking, I couldnt believe what just happened.

I understand that she is 80+ and that she is bored to death but you can be more friendly and more conscious about the boundaries of other person. I would love to visit her, talk to her, spend time with her, but I dont need to have someone who is constantly nagging me and pushing me.

Then I started thinking how common this is today between everybody.

I am sure that we all have or had at some point in our lives friends or family members or colleagues that makes us feel bad about ourselves.

They nag, they doubt you, they destroy your hopes and dreams, they judge you, but the problem is because they are acting friendly so we feel that it is not okay to tell them to stop. We feel like they are not doing anything wrong.

The thing is, not that this 80+ woman has insulted me, because I am aware of the background of what she is doing, but I am amazed how much this is all around us. There are types of people that makes us feel bad about ourselves. When we are around them we start doubting ourselves. Leave this people alone. They themselves doesnt have any goals, visions, purpose so they feel that is okay to destroy yours. And the most crazy thing is that they are ccompletely unconscious that they are doing that. In fact, they believe that they are good friends.

Dario Ples, 30.7.2017.


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