Girl flirting with me in park

Yesterday was a very beautiful sunny day.

I went to the park, alone. I do that sometimes. It is so relaxing.

So I am sitting there on the bench observing world around me and thinking about my life. I have very strong reflective nature.

And I was happy because my mind was clear and free from negative thoughts.

As I am sitting there, a one girl with dog passes in front of me. You know, nice looking girl with nice looking dog. (Although I prefer women more than dogs 😉 )

She passed and life goes on. Earth is till turning. Nothing special happened.

Few minutes later, there she comes again, she and her dog. She is few steps ahead while dog is slowly following her. This time dog came to me and sniffs me, licks me, and I touch the dog a little bit, you know… Out of respect. That lasted few moments and dog went again to follow her owner.

And life goes on. Earth is still turning. No excitement, just a regular day.

And then… She comes again for the third time. This time she was looking like she wants to approach me, but she was little hesitant. And then her dog, her wingman in this case, comes again to me and she said: “Hahaha, she loves you. Usually she doesnt go to other people. You must have something inside of yourself that attracts her.” And she started flirting with me. And dog really loved me, which was definitely a plus in the eyes of this girl. So we talked a little bit.

I just wanted to say, it feels so good when woman comes first to the man and starts flirting with him, in this case, with me. Thats a clear sign that you radiate some good quality which is attractive to other people even when you are silent.

And you know, life goes on. Earth is still turning.

Dario Ples, 2.8.2017.


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