Let Spiderman to be your role model

I always loved Spiderman. Not as much as Batman haha but I guess that Spiderman is more realistic, more human.

He is teenager, he has romance and love problems, school problems and he is little insecure in his private life… And he gots a sense for humor.

I love everything, comics, cartoons and movies.

Except all of this cool things, I found it very inspiring.

With great power comes great responsibility.

He is teenager that has super-powers and he needs to learn to use it wisely.

Isnt that all true for all of us? We all have some gifts and talents and we should learn how to use it. Although we dont have super-powers and we cant run around the city and save peoples lives, we can still do so much with our human powers, skills and abilities.

Let Spiderman to be your role model.

Dario Ples, 31.7.2017.


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