24 hours fasting – my experience

I just finished with my first ever 24 hours fasting.

I am fasting almost every day for the last 10 months. But what I am doing is intermittent fasting. (16/8) So it means I am fasting every day for 16 hours. And this short but consistent fasting periods had provided me with big benefits. Not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It helped me to understand patterns of behaviour that are coming from unconsciousness, and also it made me free of them. I have more energy, I feel great and life is just great. Well and a plus on all of that, I stopped eating sugar, which also skyrocket my fasting experiment and my well-being. Well of course, sugar is everywhere and it is very hard to avoid it completely but I dont worry about that. I am fine with avoiding anything sweet, candies, cakes, cookies, snacks and all this things that doesnt look like real food.

So because I am satisfied with fasting results and benefits, I decide to take one step further and to explore deeper, so I decided once in a week to do 24 hours fasting.

So, every day for 16 hours and once in week for 24 hours. And today finished my first 24 hours.

How it was?

I dont want to say that it hasnt been challenging for me, but it was easy. Really easy. It is easy because I am used to fasting and I know how my body and mind works. But the problem with many people is because they are not used to emotional discomfort that fasting provides, because fasting is also a transformative thing. It can feel like a mini death.

So for me was easy but last three hours were challenging. It was not hard but it was slow. I kept and kept looking at my phone and time is almost not moving. 20 minutes feels like 40 minutes. And the worst thing is that you dont have any motivation, power and will to do something. You just lie in your bed, then you sit, then you walk little bit, then you read, then you watch something, but you dont have energy and motivation to do anything and a lots of anger comes out of you, a lots of unpleasant emotions.

But this moments of discomfort will make you stronger. I feel like warrior. Because I am fasting every day I becomed so much comfortable with discomfort. I remember a last year before I discovered fasting, I was so psychologically weak. I would have been stopped by even a little obstacles, I would lose my focus so easily, I was having problem keeping up with my goals and desires. And when I started fasting, everything changed. I see people around me not having energy and motivation, and they quit whenever things becomes hard, while on the another hand, I can keep cool even in the most difficult situation. It is all by product of fasting and heavy exercising. I know that it sound like I becamed a superhero haha. No, but it is much more easier to live when you are ready for discomfort and when you know that you have strength to survive anything.

So my friend, start fasting, start exercising, start eating healthier, and start CHALLENGING YOURSELF. Thats important. This is how you grow.

Peace !

Dario Ples, 6.8.2017.



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