Challenge yourself. Learning a backflip

Challenge yourself, learn new things, grow.

I am starting to learn a backflip. I see that it is more psychological thing than physical. Physically you can probably do it, you have to be in average shape to do it, but mentally, man, there is so much mental resistance. It is overcoming your own limitations.

When you learn something new, in the beginning feels so hard, but when you do it, when you overcome it, UFFFF, you feel such a relief that brings so much happiness.

You become a better person when you push through your limitations and fears.

And also, everytime when we do something like that, it follows us in all areas of life. It is reward for us because we have been courageous.

Courage is most rewarding thing, and the best investment in your future.

Dario Ples, 9.8.2017.


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