Dont fight for rights, we all have them

Dont fight for rights, we all have them. We all are respected. I am talking about human rights. I dont care in which minority group you belong, you have rights just as equal as everybody else. The other part of story is that you also have to give respect to others because otherwise you will not get it.

When people doesnt have respect for themselves and for other people, they dont get respect and then they fight (in a verbal and political way) for rights. You already have rights, but what you are lacking is respect for yourself.

This goes for everybody, it doesnt matter which colour, religion, sexuality or gender you are. We all have rights. When you respect yourself, everybody else respects you. And respecting yourself doesnt mean offending someone else. Healthy respect comes from inside, from inner revolution, not outer.

Dario Ples, 9.8.2017.


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