Mating. Insects vs. humans

It is interesting to see how in a world of insects, female insects are much more stronger than male. They live longer and they usually eat male insects. In fact, the purpose of male insects is only mating. After she finish mating with him, she eats him. (There is a theory, at least amongst the spiders, that female eats her mate because male spiders are full of proteins that female needs.) And then you have all this queens that can live for decades, which is very strange and fascinating.

On the other hand, in a world of humans, there is a completely opposite the case. Women have been dominated by men for many centuries. Most of the famous names of history are men. All the great leaders were men.

But, when it comes to mating, I think we are like insects. We, men, when we meet woman that we really like, our queen, we are ready to do anything to please her, we are ready even to die for her, for our queen. All this gives us some strange pleasure which we cant understand. Surredering to woman.

Many great men have been defeated by women. Not in a physical way, not in a fight by fists or swords, but defeated by her charm which was so strong that even the strongest men becamed slaves of it.

Good example of this is Cleopatra. Her charm was so strong that she was able to turn around every man.

But I am sure that we all know examples from this time and that we know men who are suffering so much because some woman plays with him like he is a toy.

I think it is some deep instinct in ourselves, the same instinct that exists in insects, we want to please our female and sacrifice ourselves for her.

Dario Ples, 4.8.2017.


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