You need more action, not more peace

I see that many people pray for peace in their lives. “Give us peace!”, “Please God give me peace!”

I personally stopped doing that. I am praying for challenges and adventure. I am praying for action. A lots of time when we pray for peace, we actually dont need it. What we need is some action, some challenge so that we feel alive. When everything is peaceful, you start dying. You need challenges.

When I have challenging days full of activities and actions and when I exhaust myself, at the end of day, I feel peaceful, I feel relaxed. Praying for peace is selfish thing. First go and do something, spend some energy and then peace will come, because peace is reward, you have to earn it, work for it.

Problem is that you already have too much peace around yourself. And too much peace is boredom, and boredom is spiritual illness. What you need is action.

What peace represents to me?

I am peaceful as long as there is no war in my country, as long as criminals and thieves are not trying to get in my house, and as long as I and my loved ones are not in some physical danger. This is all the peace that we need.

But life without challenges doesnt exist. It is utopia. I pray for challenges.

When I wake up and my day is full of activities and challenges, I am peaceful. As long as I have direction, I am peaceful. When I have activities around me that stimulates me to feel alive, I am happy.

But when I wake up and I dont have nothing in the day that is going to challenge me, I become depressed. I lose my peace of mind.

And I am not workaholic. I am pretty much very balanced person. I love resting as much as I love action. But how can you rest if you didnt get tired in a first place?

Dario Ples, 7.8.2017.


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